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Crust BT56 - A Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Q.C 3.0 Charger

If you love long journeys, longs drive while on your wheels trips, nothing makes for a better delight. Then listening to music from radio stations and also playing it on your music system. That’s the reason why every car owner wants to buy something good like the music system on for their cars. For playing the FM radio you have to take in account, the number of channels of stations and the number of products the Bluetooth connector for car could connect with the additional features that you will enjoy with it, and several others.

Basically, most car owners try to find a convenient device that has more features. And can blend with their car music system.

So what all thing or features you have to check before buying a Car FM radio transmitter device are as follows:

  • Check with the provided features
  • Check the FM Range and Bluetooth range
  • Display Check
  • Sound Quality check
  • Hands-free Calling check

Apparently, whenever you are financing in any improvement for your car you will need the good outputs about its benefits. Certainly, most truth facts Crust BT56 case.

Today there’s a very much interesting gadget, most useful if you own a car.

Some features:

Easy volume adjustment

In-built FM transmitter

Hands-free and hassle-less

Noise suppression and echo reduction

Supports dual charge: Quick Charge 3.0 + 5V/1A,

The Crust has launched all-new bluetooth handsfree car kit, it’s handy, sleek, compact, and most important lightweight. The features receiving with BT56 device are mentioned below in table; it has a FM transmitter, Works on Bluetooth V4.2 and quick charging features also.

Bluetooth technology allows two devices to connect with each other wirelessly.

Wireless Car FM Transmitter is a device that transmits the signals from portable audio device to Standard FM station.

A Car with a Bluetooth

Let me just give an overview for this Crust BT56 car Bluetooth.

Display LED
USB support 32 GB
Support Format MP3/WMA/WAV/FLA
Bluetooth V4.2
BT Protocol A2DP, HFP, AVRCP
Transmitting Distance 5m
FM frequency 87.5-108MHz
Input power DC12-24 V
QC3.0 USB output 3.5V-6.5V/3A,6.5-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A
USB output 5V/1A

Let’s first talk about the size of this Crust BT56 Device, so you would get a hint, how compact is this product:


Height 77mm
Width 35mm
Weight 34 Grams

At 3.03” in height, 1.37” in diameter and about 34 gms in weight. Further this can give you fair enough idea of this Bluetooth receiver device.

According to the specs, this BT56 comprises of Bluetooth v 4.2 technology and a transmitting distance limit of about 5m. So, this is again a fair enough distance for the car owner to stay connected to his / her car.

The Crust BT56 device comes in such a glamour that it easily shows its presence in the dashboard of your car.

Unlike other huge, expensive car accessories, Crust BT56 devices shiny black color and designed to be minor, sleek, feather light. Its rich in features. It looks very much premium. So, Crust BT56 is made out of the finest quality materials to ensure high durability.

Multi-functional Knob

On the top of the BT56, we found a multi-functional knob, this button can perform a various function. Functions as the volume rocker, call receiver, call hung up, double press for the Last Number Redial, switch between Bluetooth and frequency tab.

Just under multi-function knob, there’s a previous button and next button. Offer functions for jumping to previous track or jumping to next track. If long pressed previous button for switching folders in USB Drive and next button to switch between playing modes. i.e. USB Drive and Bluetooth and Press for jumping to a previous track. Long press to switch between playing modes (USB Drive / Bluetooth)

What I found easy is the installation part, it’s actually stress-free. Allows you to insert the BT56 directly into cars cigarette lighter hole; the interesting part is it automatically power up. No need to press any button.

As soon you plugged in cars cigarette lighter hole it turns on and displays car battery voltage on its LED at first instant. Then displays Radio frequency and BT56 simultaneously that means it all set to connect to your car FM Transmitter and Smartphone’s Bluetooth.

Set up

Now today, Car FM transmitter is a Bluetooth receiver, instead of going for that old-made wired auxiliary cable, for sending the audio to car stereos, BT56 broadcasts the audio signals over an open FM radio frequency, so tune your cars stereos FM tuner to correct frequency to match with BT56 device’s frequency.

Once connected you will hear the voice. Now it’s time to pair your smartphone to Crust BT56 device. Search for BT56 on your smartphone Bluetooth search.

As the pairing is done a voice will prompt for a successful connection.

That’s it Crust bt56 is a plug n play car bluetooth device which so easy to install and stream audio.

Another benefit for the Crust BT56 comes with no of wires everything goes wireless. Since the FM

frequencies are transmitted through Bluetooth signal, there’s no need for wires hanging around. Thus it functions as a Bluetooth Transmitter for the car.


By connecting this wireless Bluetooth functionality to your car stereo, you can make calls, hear callers' voices over your car speakers, and get incoming call information through voice prompt on car’s stereo. Most importantly, you can keep the focus on your drive and eyes on the road while receiving, hanging or speaking to callers.

Let me tell, this Crust BT56 car bluetooth device supports most of the smartphones whether it’s Android or Apple iPhone.

In short, to say, we can use partially this branded car Bluetooth device for music system.

I'm not a sound professional, but I was speechless with the sound quality. Seriously, the output which I got was crystal clear, the sound quality was superior this was known to me after turned to a few good songs to help me accurately test this Bluetooth device.

Overwhelmed with how rapidly I was able to connect and play the music over my car stereos speakers and done. I didn't even read the guidelines from the manual. I just plugged it in, hit the search for the BT56 on my iPhone. The whole connection process was complete in less than 2 minutes.

This is just not the end for Crust BT56 car Bluetooth receiver device there is more substance to look at,

Q.C 3.0 Bluetooth car charger & USB-Drive

This BT56 car USB Bluetooth audio receiver also plays a vital role in juicing up your smartphones, iPad, tablets, that feature makes this device stand out. Underneath this whole top surface, this Bluetooth car adapter has a rapid Fast Dual USB which Supports fast charging using Quick Charge 3.0 which is 4 times faster than ordinary bluetooth car charger & more Efficient than QC 2.0.

Out of this dual USB slots, one supports Quick charge and delivers an output of 3.5V-6.5V/3A,6.5-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A. Similarly, other USB slots support fast charging with 5.1 /1 A, this USB port can also support USB drive with storage up to 32 GB and on another hand, you can play music through your smartphone via wireless transmission to the car speaker (via BT56). The music can be easily controlled using your smartphone as well as from the Crust BT56 car Bluetooth receiver device.

I think this is more than enough for a music lover on the go. It can play your MP3/WMA/FLAC formats easily. When I played the music over my car stereo was stunned.

Crust say that BT56 Bluetooth connector for car receiver device also provides echo cancellation and noise suppression features while you’re on a call, this feature helps you to attain the call on cars speakers without any unstable sound and you don’t require holding the smartphone in your hand. BT56 has an inbuilt microphone that picks your voice and transmits very clearly. So, this basically gives the ability to enjoy a hands-free talk while driving.

Also, Crust BT56 Bluetooth device does Incoming Call Number Announcement over the car speakers. Makes driver aware of an incoming call and to know how’s calling.

Voltage Detector

One more feature that helps you to know your car battery life comprises in BT56.

Yes, this BT56 also works as a Car battery voltage detector. BT56 play a vital role by showing the car battery voltage, indicating the voltage on its LED display, it does give alerts if any abnormal voltage is detected to ensure Safer Driving.

It shows the car battery voltage in two ways. First, when you plug BT56 in car migrate bluetooth car charger and secondly, you have entered into the voltage function.

Now here we go, Long press call key to enter the state of frequency adjustment until it displays frequency. Then, long press the previous key to display the state of battery voltage and you will hear the voice prompt.

Fm Transmitter

Enjoy the whole range of radio frequency and turn down to your ferrite FM radio channel. Here’s, the Crust BT56 has an in-built FM transmitter for car, also supports 206 transmitting frequencies: 87.5MHz - 108.0MHz, Long press call key to enter the state of frequency adjustment until it displays frequency screen flashes. After setting the frequency wait for 3-5 seconds, then rotate the call key to adjust the frequency & also to adjust the volume.

A most important feature of USB Bluetooth for car audio receiver, which I have thought of and they did really well:


This additional feature that I loved because you don’t have to go through the whole Bluetooth connection process repeatedly, this is what it does Power-on-Memory feature ensures Device Auto-connects to the Last Paired Car Bluetooth Device and Automatically Resumes Music Track from the last playing position in U-Disk Mode when turned on.

Here are some tips which you need to keep in mind while using Crust BT56 car Bluetooth receiver device.

Don't just throw or collapse the product fall for avoiding surface and body damage.

A USB port for this device only used for charging. Intelligent voltage and current output can be provided. Don’t use high-power electrical equipment or power inverter in order to avoid damage.

BT56 device is compatible with a voltage between 12-24V.please don’t try with other over-range vehicles or it might damage the BT56 device.

For Crust BT56 car radio transmitter, Avoid using strong local radio frequency signals to achieve better sound quality that means don’t use any radio station which is already occupied by anyone, try to occupy a free space in FM frequency for better connection and sound quality.

Please cut the power off when not in use. For normal use, please plug it after autoignition, to avoid damage by too high ignition voltage.

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Bottom Line.

Though there were few weaknesses, overall, I'm very much impressed with the Crust BT56 USB Bluetooth for car audio receiver device. The sound is exceptionally good. I don't have to worry about heavy integration. Many car improvements are expensive or time-consuming to install. Here’s one which you can add to your car easily within few seconds that can expressively advance your driving experience. Plus, being affordable, BT56 car Bluetooth device is small, sleek stylish, can go perfectly with any natural inside your car. And, Even if forget to unplug it for a week then to no need to worry cause its battery-less device. Surely Crust BT56 device doesn’t comes with 3.5mm audio jack. yet I feel it doesn’t make any difference because the propose for which is 3.5mm jack is been used. Entirely delivered by Crust BT56 car Bluetooth Device.

From my perspective, the Crust BT56 Car Bluetooth device is a good buy. For people who are looking for compact, feature full and affordable car Bluetooth receiver FM transmitter device. A Quick QC 3.0 charger for playing their favourite music in their car.