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Apples itself claims iPhone X as a future phone. Regardless some quite makeable futuristic change have come up with as unlocking iPhone X through face detections feature. Apparently, which has led to the removal of the home button and old fashioned Touch ID fingerprint scanner, providing more space for enlarging the display in front. (iPhone X Cover case recommended) Apples iPhone X even have to change the design parameters which have come up with the fantastic user experience. The story has just begun with the hottest launch of AppIe’s flagship. iPhone X in the Indian market have unlocked the blocks and extended the boundaries for exploration of technology. Powered by A11 Bionic chip processor with 64-bit architecture makes a perfect blend with iOS 11 user interface delivering the all-new smartphone handling experience.


Apple iPhone X is available in 2 colors variants – silver and space grey and comes with 64 GB and 256 GB of storage memory.
Processor A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture
Camera Front: 12MP dual cameras
Display 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display with HDR and True Tone

Design Part 1

With iPhone X you surely would stunt, the front is a 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display. It's with a downside sharply curved notch. It has a 7-megapixel shooter selfie camera, speaker, a microphone, ambient light sensor a dot projector, and an infrared camera. The front and rear panel of the iPhone X has a glass covering well blended with user-interface Back to the display, which occupies a 97% of the front portion by eliminating old Touch ID fingerprint scanner. So, no physical button instead uses face ID detection, provides a full swing usage of the front panel. Technically, the bezel-less term has been mentioned which doesn’t fit entirely for iPhone X. Yes, it’s a full-screen display but with minor bends around the edges of the screen. They don’t disfigure the experience, and they prevent accidental touches on the screen. We might expect Apple will reduce it in the further future and offer more appealing iPhone. On the side, iPhone X has a stainless steel frame perfectly curved corners on it top nothing installed. The standard buttons as the volume rocker, silent button tailored to its left. While a bigger power button and single nano sim port are at right.

Design Part 2

You will get charging port surrounded by 2 dotted designed speakers. At the bottom, missing the 3.5mm headphone jack of the iPhone X. Coming to back panel of iPhone, it has dual 12 megapixel rear facing camera one is regular lens camera. And second, uses a telephoto lens camera and both supports optical stabilization. The camera module fall bit outside from the plain smooth surface. So you will see some uplifting of iPhone X from the Surface. Apart from this, there’s an Apple logo, rest of the back is clean and has glass finish. Absolutely, looks more than a premium toward luxury. Apples say iPhone X is IP67 rated water and dust resistant with a max. The depth of 1 m and up to 30 min. A concern with the iPhone X is No matter how irrational they might be, the drop can don’t lend itself well to wear and tear. As a result, most of its time iPhone X has to finish over inside an iPhone x case cover. Easily fits in a single hand. Use iPhone x hard case transparent cover help to keep your iPhone safe and look premium. Get a Crust BT56 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Q.C 3.0 Charger a smart Bluetooth device for your car.


The screen of the new iPhone really hard to miss. Once iPhone x is at sight one thing you’ll notice that’s will illuminate your eyes and that for sure. iPhone X comprises a 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display with true tone and HDR. Best thing in iPhone X has ever packed by Apple and is ahead of the previous successors. We frame iPhone X as a game changer due to it the quality, sharpness, bold look. These are the facts that it fills the entire front of the phone and the color mix. Even it might not be a most colorful or sharpest display on Flagship smartphones yet it's crunchy, smooth, and clean. It doesn’t shift the color when you look it from either side the display. The display looks great from any angle you prefer to see and that what is needed. Some people might try to troll or compare iPhone X with other brands like Samsung, Oneplus flagships. But practically when you use iPhone X the experience is incredible. OLED technology provides a bit better visuals from images to websites higher blinding whites and deeper black ratio. The experience with the display panel is pretty decent. moreover, it’s soft, bright, contrast, well calibrated, definitely not over saturated like other phones.


Back to the notch house in front, it comprises of 7MP True Depth front camera—Portrait Lighting and Portrait mode. it has all component comprises an infrared camera, flood illuminator, dot projector for Face ID. The front camera can sense depth extremely well, so the Portrait mode so can be used to take brilliant selfies. It just not about the blurring the background in portrait mode but also cut off your picture. iPhone X cameras are superb by means of its stunning shots that are been delivered. Outputs are rich with detail, and natural looking shots very well fulfills your expectations. Let's just have talked on dual rear camera. it comprises of 12MP dual cameras with a 4K video featuring Portrait mode. with Portrait Lighting, dual optical image stabilization, and a new sensor for capturing depth perception or taking zoom-in shots, or in a scene the iPhone X ensures an f/2.4 aperture. All the above features mean delivering better low-light shots on the zoom lens. But some times on zooming it doesn’t actually use an optical lens. On the part of continuation, iPhone X uses a wide-angle lens for the better low-light abilities and digital zoom. Finally to a conclusion, overall quality and snapping -speed and quality of the iPhone X camera are really very strong. It is like having a photo studio in your pocket. These features you can also grab for your Honor 9 Lite Cover, Oneplus 6T Cover, Samsung A8 Plus cover.


As of by Apple, they never claim for long-lasting battery power of iPhone X. it comes with Non-removable Li-Ion 2716 mAh battery delivers talk time up to 21 hrs over 3G. iPhone X supports wireless charging with Qi chargers, uses a 2nd Generation performance controller and convention battery design. due to which the iPhone x can survive up to 2 hrs longer between charges than other iPhone series.


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Best Quality Crust iPhone x case cover?

Yes, there are some quick impressions for iPhone x case cover: Noble quality of iPhone x case cover consists of polycarbonate material for ensuring more durability and strength. The latest trending feature with matte and edge to edge fit finish provides an elegant feel. So affordable at a cost that you may even tend to have an entire set of iPhone x case cover. It’s not just the last piece but a wide range of iPhone X back case designs. At Crust, we ensure the quality, the build of our diverse products no matter how safe you keep your phone. Undoubtedly, we care for it and made the iPhone x case cover of shock-proof dual material durable strong plastic. we persuade that the iPhone x case cover can keep your mobile safe and secure from any unexpected casualty. iPhone X back case cover is exceptionally thin, become a likely part of the smartphone by casing edge to edges. Here, diverse variants can be seen of iPhone X back cover & case.

Few More Reasons

At Crust, your search for iPhone X back cover & case comes to an end. as we have a combined massive collection of iPhone X back cover & case which comprises a superior quality and at a reasonable cost. Secondly, the smooth online shopping experience with our product filters. helping you to reach your desired product easily we know your needs for iPhone X back cover & case. On order, we ship the iPhone X back Cases to almost anywhere in Pan India. through our courier partners such as FedEx, Delhivery express, Bluedart and many more. We track your iPhone X back Cases until it reaches you. Trending iPhone X back covers for Men and Women around the year. there are many offers rolling online our website to provide our users a trendy and provided you a satisfying result. Although, the iPhone X back cover is sleek in design with lightweight. and with a rigid surface which offers a good grip on your cell phone and will look rich and expensive. So why to worry, grab one for your iPhone X back cover today. we will make sure to provide you the finest and durable case cover for your iPhone X.

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