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Power Inverter for Car:

The Crust N80 is not your ordinary car charger; it's a powerful power inverter for your car. It can convert your car's 12V DC power into 220V AC, allowing you to charge laptops, electronics, and more while on the road. Whether you're working on the road, streaming content, or simply need to charge your devices, the N80 has you covered.

Car Charger Adapter:

With its innovative design, the Crust N80 is more than just a traditional car charger. It is a versatile car charger adapter that can transform your On-The-Go charging experience, where you can charge multiple device simultaneously.

Fast Car Charger:

The Crust N80 is not just a fast car charger for your devices; it's a complete in-car charging solution. It features 4 USB ports and 3 AC outlets, allowing you to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to waiting around for your gadgets to power up; the N80 ensures that your devices are ready when you are.

Vehicle Laptop Charger:

Professionals and students will appreciate the Crust N80’s ability to function as a vehicle laptop charger. With its car laptop charger adapter feature, you can charge your laptop on the go. No more worrying about low battery anxiety during important meetings or lectures. The Crust N80 car laptop charger ensures that your laptops and other smart devices are always charged, no matter where you are.

Universal Design:

The Crust N80 Car Inverter Charger is the perfect companion for a wide range of adventures. Whether you're on a road trip, camping in the great outdoors, or simply commuting to work, this universal design ensures compatibility with a variety of devices and vehicles, making it a versatile and essential tool for every journey.

Inverter Charger:

As an inverter charger, the N80 focuses on safety, versatility, and fast charging. It provides six built-in protections, including protection against short-circuits, overheating, and more. An external fuse adds an extra layer of protection, giving you peace of mind that your devices are in safe hands.

Mini Inverter for Laptop:

The Crust N80 isn't just a charger; it's a complete mini-inverter for your laptop. It allows you to charge your laptop in your car or on the go, ensuring that you never run out of power when you need it most.

Inverter for Laptop Charging:

With its versatile design, the N80 serves as an inverter for laptop charging. Whether you're on a road trip or simply need to work on your laptop during your commute, the N80 ensures that your laptop is always ready for action.

Car Adapter for Laptop:

The N80 is your ideal car adapter for your laptop, offering a seamless charging experience, whether you're in your car or on the road.

Best Car Laptop Charger:

For the best in-car charging experience, the Crust N80 stands out as the best car laptop charger.


In conclusion, the Crust N80 Car Inverter Charger is your ultimate travel companion. It empowers you to charge your devices on the go, stay charged, and enjoy the convenience of a mini-inverter charger for the car. With its focus on safety, versatility, and fast charging, the N80 is the perfect solution for your road trips, daily commutes, and adventures.

Don't let power limitations hold you back. Upgrade your travel experience with the Crust N80 Car Inverter Charger and ensure that your devices are always charged and ready for action. Whether you need a car charger, a mini-inverter, or a vehicle laptop charger, the Crust N80 has you covered.