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Truly Wireless Earbuds India - Best Noise Cancelling Waterproof  Bluetooth Earbuds With Mic

Crust truly wireless earbuds produce sound even better and allow you to revel in whatever, whenever, wherever. These are the best Bluetooth earbuds, which are designed to attract, with a remarkable stereo sound performance at all times. Thanks to advanced connectivity offering Low Latency, you can experience media files with perfectly lip-synced audio. Whilst mic has noise cancelling Technology which allows you to freely take calls regardless of the surrounding chaos.

Sleek And Comfortable Design Of CRUST Bluetooth Earbuds

The Crust true wireless earbuds have a slight reflective curvy edged design that just attracts every one. Despite of its plastic build, it delivers a slightly glossy finish, and has a futuristic look. Whereas the rear portion is just matte black. The black silicon ear-tips are designed considering they can easily fit into the ear canals and create a good seal. The CRUST TWS wireless earbuds come with 3 pairs of black ear-tips small, medium and large. In addition to this, an individual earbud weighs just 6.25 grams (0.22 Ounce). This makes it lightweight and is comfortable to wear for longer durations. Each earbud has a feather-touch surface and has a multicolour tiny LED on Lower Section. The LED light on the earbuds is quite tenuous. These tiny LEDs function as an indicator for showing charging and pairing status.

The CRUST truly wireless earbuds charging case comes in Black ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic which has high tensile strength, creates resistance to chemical corrosion and physical impact. It makes the charging case more durable and reliable. This finally makes it very resistant to physical impacts and adverse environmental conditions.

Interesting Features Of TWS Earbuds:

CRUST true wireless bluetooth earbuds have magnetic charging feature, so simply drop the earbuds into the individual moulded slot. And they’ll automatically start charging using the contact patch in the rear section. As the earbuds are held in place, magnetically they fit snugly and won’t move around.

Now, there is something interesting, CRUST truly wireless earbuds come with 3 unique pairs of ear hooks. These hooks are cased in the charging case body. These versatile fittings are made for various purposes and give a good grip while wearing even when performing various activities. The earbuds won’t keep falling off your ears and let you enjoy your music. The Charging case has 2 LED charge indicators, first on the front face which shows the charging status of earbuds. The other set has a row of 4 LED’s on the side, which indicate the case battery level and blink accordingly while charging. There is also a Power-check button, that displays the charge status when needed.

Enjoy excellent craftsmanship. Attention to detail and a strong sense of aesthetic design makes these small, shiny, lightweight earbuds one-part listening instrument, one-part ready-to-wear accessory. With premium black housing, polished shiny surface and gold-plated charging pins, function meets fashion in an iconic design.

How Easy Are These Bluetooth Earbuds To Control?

As the Crust TWS wireless earbuds have no buttons but come with capacitive touch control feature, just tap with your fingertip for shuffling the music files, attending / rejecting calls and activating the AI voice assistant functions. The CRUST bluetooth wireless earbuds offer these functions plus the ability to switch between the 5-EQ Pre-set modes easily and even to turn the power ON or OFF. Holding the touch surface for more than 2 seconds will turn the earbud ON or OFF. Both earbuds are capable to pick / reject the calls. Most impressively, it has voice prompts that guide you about the functions that you are using or about to use. The Crust best true wireless earbuds have support for AI voice assistants such as Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS. Now Hands-free calling is possible with Stereo Dual Earphone phone calls. Single Earphone can also be used for calls if preferred.

What About The Earbuds Battery Life?

The Crust truly wireless earbuds charging case comes with a massive battery back-up of 2000mAh, which can charge earbuds up to 13+ times. In spite of such a heavy battery, the charging case weighs less and takes just less than an hour to fully juice up itself (a full charge cycle). CRUST truly wireless earbuds individually are backed by 50mAh batteries and it takes less than 45 minutes to charge them up fully. Upon exposing the CRUST wireless bluetooth earbuds to a consistent Full output the earbuds give up to 5 hours of playback. While CRUST true wireless headphones provide a phenomenal playtime of more than 5 hrs on a single full charge if volume adjusted to 50-70%. This is quieter than 75dB, so if you listen to quieter volumes, you’ll likely get more than 5 hours of battery life.

The charging case has a 5V type – C charging port, which makes it more efficient than the other micro USB charging ports. The charging case also has a charge-out port, that turns the case into an Emergency Power bank, compatible with all smart devices.
With a massive 2000 mAh charging case and 50 mAh individual earbuds the lithium-polymer battery provides the CRUST truly wireless earbuds with a great battery life and keeps them ready to go.

Are These Bluetooth Noise cancelling Earbuds?

Our outstanding noise cancelling technology manages line-out disturbance, which means it reduces the ambient sounds ensuring uninterrupted crystal clear music listening and calls experience. So, you can go crazy with your music with nothing in the way. Crust TWS earbuds give you the power to hear lifelike sounds with premium build quality materials that are long-lasting and offer all-day comfort.
Definitively, these are simply great-sounding earbuds that make them stand out. These earbuds offer great Sound Quality, noise cancelling and echo suppression technology and most importantly they are comfortable to use. They simply are the best performance earbuds in the price segment.

Are These Bluetooth Earbuds Really A Strong Audio Performer?

So here is the most important feature, Crust truly wireless earbuds are loaded with an extra-large graphene 10mm Sound driver.That balances powerful bass with superb details. For a better sound experience, these bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds come with 5 EQ Pre-set modes. These modes offers a diverse sound experience. Just by double-tapping on the earbud touch surface, you can switch between the pre-set modes which include. i.e Balanced, Bass Booster, Vocal Booster, Treble Booster, & Enhanced sound.

The sound drivers are custom designed, so they can enhance the audio. Furthermore, the advanced sound technology helps reducing the external noise. And tries to cut-out the environmental sound, and also suppress echo effect. CRUST wireless earphones come with 3 pairs of smooth silicon ear-tips. These manage creating a good seal, provide a snug fit and a firm grip to ensure reducing the environmental noise.
In India, the Crust truly wireless earbuds are strong audio performers in the segment with XL size 10mm dynamic sound drivers and 5 EQ pre-set modes for audio amplification.

Are These Bluetooth Earbuds Waterproof?

The CRUST truly wireless earbuds are IPX5 rated waterproof wireless earbuds that means it resists sweat and splashes. The device is always ready for any weather condition.  Even if its raining the device take the water drops and keep running.

How Is The Connectivity Of These Bluetooth Earbuds?

Now thanks to Bluetooth V5.0, CRUST truly wireless earbuds have an ever fast and strong connection. With a range of up to 10m that gives you the power to roam around without carrying the phone. One of the reasons, behind the earbuds long-lasting battery, can be attributed to Bluetooth V5.0. Furthermore, the earbuds use the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology which consumes lesser amount of energy than the standard Bluetooth. This helps to expand the battery cycle. Just make a note that obstacles like a wall, a door can disrupt the signal. These bluetooth earbuds with mic on both buds can smoothly make calls and bring out every single low note with a significant reduction in background noise.

Are These Bluetooth Earbuds Comfortable?

The Crust true wireless earbuds are designed in such a way that they can comfortably fit in your ears.That to without causing any pain even when used for longer hours. 3 Pairs of Soft silicon ear-tips in different sizes come along with the Crust truly wireless earbuds. That can be used according to your ear size. These Silicon ear tips create a great secure seal, immediately concealing you from the outside world. The Earbuds are pretty great at staying in your ears too, they will securely stay in your ears even during a workout.
The earbuds are designed considering the fact that they have a good battery life of up to 5 hours, so you can keep enjoying your music. All this and more makes the Crust bluetooth earbuds one of the best truly wireless earbuds in India.

Bluetooth Earbuds With Triple-Secure Fittings:

Now you can enjoy running and working out with music in your ears and no stress of ugly wires running down your body. Crust has come up with a unique Triple-Secure Fit technology which gives you 3 different types of fitting options on the same earbuds. They are ear hooks, wing tips and normal fitting which makes the earbuds feel comfortable and secure. These ear hooks are shipped along with the earbuds and you can store them securely below the charging case.

Tri-Unique-Fittings for Bluetooth Earbuds:

These extra pairs of fittings will definitely improve the fit of the wireless earbuds. The earbuds can be used with the following three fittings:
1. You can use the earbuds directly without any additional fittings/attachments for a relaxed and comfortable fit.

2. Wing Tips: This fitting has a tiny ear-wing, which attaches to the earbud’s inside circular-cut design. The angle of the wing tips can be adjusted, if needed. The wing tips securely fit into the ear ridge. This fitting is for a more secure fit and ensures the earbuds don’t fall off even when running.

3. Ear hooks: These fittings are designed in orbicular shape which fits over the ears. These ear hooks are flexible and stay on no matter how rough your workout is. They will never let you down. The earbuds, now no longer have to be jammed to stay in place, even if you put them a little bit loose, they will remain in their place. All you need to do is put the hook over the earbud, and adjust the angle according to your fit, and go. It takes all pressure off the inside of the ear. Perfect for all kinds of sports activities such as workout, running, jogging, hiking, biking, Gym etc.

We understand that TWS earbuds with just tips may not be the perfect fit for everyone, the earbuds may fall while running, shaking the head or anything rigorous. And that’s the reason we introduced these unique versatile hooks. So now you are ready to go according to the requirement, choose one that you love, and put them on and leave for the day.

Verdict For Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

These true wireless bluetooth earbuds are the best waterproof noise cancelling earbuds with charging case in India. it’s a real value for money gadget that you will definitely love to carry around. CRUST true wireless earbuds sets an example with extra-large dynamic 10-mm sound drivers delivering a superior performance and creates a benchmark in bluetooth earbuds segment.

At Crust, we always strive to bring cutting-edge technology to our consumers at pretty affordable pricing.  Achieved by pushing the boundaries of technology and give Indian customers the opportunity to own high quality products. That to like the Crust true wireless noise cancelling earphones in India.

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