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Crust Smart Mini UPS for WIFI Router and Modem

Nowadays, most people are turning to mini-ups for wifi router as it provides a backup power source so that you can still have uninterrupted internet connectivity even when the Power is off. A smart mini ups for wifi router and modems works very handy, especially if you live in a remote area where there is no power source available. On the other hand, there are many advantages of mini ups for wifi router like portability and its low-cost. New age router devices are now smarter but in the event of an electricity outage that remains a common occurrence in most Indian areas; these devices require a power backup since the majority of entertainment and work today depends on an internet connection. If there is a power interruption, the modem or router is turned off, causing us to be disconnected.

Crust has developed an innovative solution, aka a Smart Mini UPS for routers and modems for everyday use. Smart Mini UPS has several safety protection circuits, including intelligently managed batteries (BMS), to provide a longer lifespan and total assurance.

Product Specifications:

Let us give you an overview of Crust Smart Mini UPS

  • Battery: 7.4V DC; 19.24 Wh; 2 x 2600mAh Lithium Ion
  • Input/Output Voltage 9V / 12V DC (Auto Switch)
  • Backup Time Upto 4 hours
  • Input/Output Current 24W; 9V <= 2.67A; 12V <= 2A
  • Power Off Button To turn off the UPS when not in use
  • Auto Switch Voltage Smart MCU automatically switches the output voltage to 9V or 12V based on the input voltage of the connected power adapter.


1.Smart Charging: The smart battery management system automatically charges the UPS battery when the Power is switched on and during power cuts spontaneously switches to battery modes 2.Easy installation: It is DIY friendly as it can be installed within 30 seconds. 3. Up to 4 hours of backup: The UPS provides 4 hours of seamless power backup for your wifi or ADSL router.


The slim design is ideal for routers of all kinds and is able to be placed wherever by using the wall mounts provided on the back of the device; that resolves most of its placement issues. Apart from its small-in-size feature its easy to install, setup takes max 30secs. As this device is portable & compact which is an advantage for carrying them easily. The device comes with a minimalistic design, featuring a 3 LED Lights and one power button.

These Indicators and Power Button functions as follows:

If the top Red LED Light turns on means its device is connected to 9VDC. Similarly, Green LED light turns on means its connected to 12DC. If the Yellow LED Light is glowing means Smart Mini UPS is on battery mode, and if its blinking means its on low battery. If the Green Light is glowing means the Mains is On, if blinking means the device is charging.

Power OFF Button:

By long pressing the Power OFF button when the device is in battery mode to Power off the device. The device will power back on when the mains AC supply is turned on.

Heat Dissipation Vents:-

This device has an excellent heat vent system that disperses heat generated by various components of a circuit to the medium surrounding them and then helps to cool them. These intelligently designed vents improve efficiency, reliability and prevents premature failures; that keeps Smart Mini UPS more steady functioning wifi Router, Modems. Moreover, the device comes with a few peripherals such as a Input connector and Output connector.

About the Battery life?

Crust Smart Mini UPS is equipped with a massive 5200mAh(2 X 2600mAh) batteries that ensures to keep your internet uninterrupted during power-failures whether it's a minute or that lasts for 4-5 hours.

You do not need to worry about the charging of the router device. Smart Mini UPS is great in maintaining zero lag functioning which means no internet interruptions at all. Whenever your router needs an immediate charge, the backup will be provided to it through it. Your WFH (Work From Home) will be a breeze and no more interruption due to power-cuts during your VPN, Zoom, WebEx, AnyDesk, Webinars.

Replaceable battery:

Electric Vehicle Grade 3C Lithium-Ion Battery (2 x 2600mAh) provides up to 3X longer cycle life. A user can replace Smart Mini UPS battery at the end of life by contacting us.


Smart Mini UPS provides power backup for wifi routers, CCTV, Intercom, Access Control System, Set-Top Box and other low powered devices.

Here's How You Can Check the Self-Compatibility for Routers and modems in just 2 steps:

Wifi Routers comes with different power ratings and this page will help you to choose the compatible RouterUPS for you. Step 1: Check the input power ratings of your wifi Router and the Power Adapter. The power ratings are mentioned in the label behind your wifi Router. Step 2: Check the input power ratings of your Smart Mini UPS mentioned in the label behind.

Smart Dual Voltage:

Smart Mini UPS devices come with the excellent feature of battery management. The router automatically shifts to Smart Mini UPS when the Power is needed. At the same time, the Smart Mini UPS keeps its battery full & shuts down till the time of power failure. Supports both (9V ≤ 2.67A) and (12V ≤ 2A) WiFi Router / Modem. Smart MCU automatically switches the output voltage to 9V or 12V based on the input voltage of the connected power adapter.

A smart battery management feature of a UPS router also ensures that your device is powered on when needed most. For example, it won't start if your printer needs ink, but the printer will keep running. Likewise, the lights on the computer won't start if the device is in use, but they will stay on if the computer needs to use the UPS battery. This means that a Mini UPS for wireless routers is an excellent investment because it reduces the number of times you'll have to purchase an extra battery, which will otherwise add up to a large expense.

Crust Smart Mini UPS comes with Quick Setup Steps:

1. Unplug the existing adapter from the AC Mains and your wifi router. 2. Connect the power adapter to the Crust Smart Mini UPS. (If required use As input connector provided in the box). Finally, switch on the adapter and wait for the Mini UPS to detect the input voltage. 3. Connect the output connector cable to the wifi router. (If required, use the output connector provided in the box)

Why We Need

It can keep a backup of all of your computers and other electronic devices from damage due to power fluctuations. Power surges and fluctuations can cause damage to our electronic devices, like computers, printers, and other electrical appliances. Even the slightest fluctuations can result in temporary loss of Power to a device, which will prevent it from working properly. A power backup solution like a UPS for a router will help prevent these problems.

You must be familiar with your router, or you may need a technician to install it for you. Before installing a UPS for the router, make sure your router has a wired power supply, because wireless devices may need an additional power cable. In addition, your router does not usually come with a UPS. To make sure that your router is equipped with a UPS, you must connect a UPS monitor to your computer using a USB cord. When connected to your computer, the UPS will display all the information it needs to backup your computer.

Advantage of Zero Lag Switches

If you're in search of a simple and cost-effective solution for your home network, then a UPS for your router could be the right option. As we've mentioned, they can be extremely useful in ensuring that your computer remains secure, particularly if you do not have access to a traditional wired network. Additionally, a UPS for routers can also benefit from having no delay switches. . Additionally, if any installation or repairs need to be completed, the work will be completed without delay as it is "on" and the UPS will track everything.

Closure Note.

Crust Smart Mini UPS is the most economical method of making sure you have a reliable internet connection at home and in the office. This is especially true in the event that you don't utilize the internet other than e-mail or chat however you do require an UPS for your router for a specific reason. It's also a great option to buy your UPS for your router when you're still configuring your device, since this will guarantee that you'll get the ideal network UPS, based on the initial configuration. In addition the UPS for routers are ideal for fixed users.. Furthermore, Smart Mini UPS is ideal for small companies that want to ensure that employees always have a constant and stable internet connection regardless of which location. Nowadays, most people are turning to mini ups for wifi router as it provides a backup power source so that you can still have internet connectivity even when the Power is off. A mini ups for wifi router works very handy, especially if you live in a remote area where there is no power source available. On the other hand, there are many advantages of Smart mini ups for wifi routers like portability and its low-cost.